3, 2, 1…Go!

My entire life I have always had an excuse for why I train. When asked why I was covered in sweat and out of breath, the answer was always simple, one word; volleyball, basketball, track. Sports. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn towards athletic events, regardless of my knowledge of the rules and regulations or whether or not I had any kind of personal involvement in the activity itself. Conveniently enough, my passion for fitness has always complimented my passion for the outdoors. Training to run a 400 meter sprint inevitably affected how efficiently I would hike a path with my family on vacation, or explore the woods behind my house.

This was my life for 18 years. Then I graduated high school and made the decision not to continue my athletic career in college. That first day on campus opened my eyes to a completely new breed of human. The kind that does not practice their health religiously. The kind that shrugs off physical competition and outdoor excursions. The late nighters and noon risers. I was perplexed by the idea, and like many other college freshmen, I assimilated into my new identity.

Two years later, CrossFit has given me back my excuse to train again. It has provided me with that beautiful feeling of miserable exhaustion that can only surface from defeating a task that initially scares the hell out of you. Every faithful CrossFitter knows this feeling. It’s the time period that stretches between when the WOD is first announced, to when it is finally demolished.

I now sit sipping on a coffee, writing to you all about a new life that I am beginning. Not since my days of competition and exploration have I felt that familiar sense of unbelievable excitement swirled with shaky apprehension. My boyfriend Zach and I have decided to take the broadest of broad jumps, and CrossFit will be our template for this leap of faith. Traveling across the country has attracted numerous of backpackers and freeloaders to pick up and go with as little as the clothes on their backs, and the ideas in their heads. In slight contrast to this social norm of nomadism, our trip will take us from box to box (CrossFit gym to CrossFit gym) to learn about this growing community of fitness innovators, outdoor enthusiasts, and caffeine fiends. Our mission is to cross the passion found behind functional movements inside the gym, with the natural human instinct to move and travel.

Three days from now marks the start of our adventure. Our goal is to share with you, our readers and followers, all of the good and bad that will come of this trip. Wrong turns will be taken, metaphorically and literally. Decisions will be made with or without anticipation. But this is what we are searching for, the thrill of the unknown and the unknowable. A spark has been lit, and speaking for both myself and for Zach, a life of structure and predictability is no longer an option. We hope to instill this passion in the lives of others missing something from their day to days. We give this knowledge as a gift to anyone willing to take the time to read,  and in return the only thing we are ask for is your feedback, as honest as it may be.



To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel.  That is the purpose of life.”




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