1:55 PM- Officially Homeless

All Part of the Plan

In every step of preparation for this adventure, I read about how the best way to travel is to steer clear of a strict itinerary and roll with the punches.  Just a day into our journey, I’ve had a little trouble accepting this rule.

Our main reason for an August 23rd departure date centered around a concert- not just any concert, but a Kings of Leon show.  If you know my family you know how big of a deal this is.  Between the six members of the Mosbarger clan, a total of twenty KOL shows have been attended.  They were coming back through Ohio this August (the six of us saw them in Columbus in February) and the plan was to go to the concert at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati as a nice send-off for Lexi and I.

Much to my family’s chagrin, the band was forced to cancel two weeks of their tour after drummer Nathan Followill suffered broken ribs in a tour bus accident.  We were devastated at first but we rolled with the punches, so to speak, and took in a Friday night Reds game at beautiful Great American Ballpark instead.  Crisis averted.

Saturday had more surprises in store.  When our plans with another gym fell through (nobody’s fault, shit happens), we dropped in at KW CrossFit in Woodlawn at the last minute.  It turned out to be a great move.  Everyone was very welcoming and supportive of our goals and made sure that we’d leave KW huffing and puffing after the WOD.

After a strength session of heavy front squats, coach Dave Talmage delivered a pretty hellacious triplet: a descending ladder from 10 to 1 of kettlebell thrusters, pull-ups and ring dips.  We rounded out the class with some mobility and then got to know Dave a little bit better while discussing this adventure.  He gave us some great advice to use along the way and on the drive back to Cincy Lexi and I decided to bestow upon him the honor of being our first new friend on The Trip.

More than anything to do with the workout, we were overjoyed that someone outside of our family and friends showed enthusiasm for this idea.  Being day one of our journey, to have people we had just met give us words of encouragement and display genuine interest in our travels made us feel like we are making the right decision.  We commented to one another that we were both feeling pretty good about ourselves as we exited KW.


On Our Own

We came back from the workout and had a solid First Watch brunch with my family.  I have to apologize to the Paleo Population because I really did enjoy those blueberry pancakes.

Saying our good-byes was a bittersweet moment, as most good-byes tend to be.  For a short stretch of the drive we were behind my parents on 75 North until we caught 74 West toward Indianapolis.  With the honks of horns and waves of hands, we said good-bye again, this time at sixty miles per hour.  We were officially on our own for the first time.

The first thing to do when we got to Indy was find a place to park Big Sil (our trusty silver carriage for this trip).  We stared in disbelief as lot after lot advertised $25 and $30 rates.  That’s when we saw the thousands of mini-Andrew Luck clones, clad in their blue #12 jerseys, scurrying in the streets.  There was a preseason game tonight between the Saints and Colts and downtown was bustling.  We finally parked the vehicle and took in the sights and sounds for a while before meeting our host for the night, Rick, at his house.  He’s letting us CouchSurf at his place here in Indy for the rest of the weekend, and while Lexi and I were apprehensive about the whole thing before we arrived, he put us at ease with his friendly demeanor and welcoming attitude.

We are all set to hit up CrossFit Naptown tomorrow, something that both of us are pumped about.  The trip is under way and all is going according to plan- kind of.




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