Onward into Ontario

On our way to Sault Saint Marie, Zach and I made sure to spend some time in a few of northern Michigan’s coastal towns including traverse city, Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Harbor springs. I have had the pleasure of visiting these areas before, but for Zach it was his first encounter with some of Michigan’s most charming cities. We both really enjoyed walking around the small shops and harbor areas, and we were even lucky enough to happen upon a small farmers market in Charlevoix. We put together a fun park workout in Petoskey, the benchmark WOD “Annie” followed by an interesting concoction of push-upss, banded good mornings, stair runs, burpies, and an interesting rock throw. After staying the night in Harbor Springs, we made an early morning trek to the boarder.

Here comes the fun part! Crossing the border was definitely a highlight of the trip thus far. Zach and I were eager to jump into a new culture, and definitely anxious to hit our first ‘foreign WOD’.  Our first stop was about ten minutes from the border, and following suit with the pattern of most boxes, it was tucked nicely back betwen a couple of warehouses in an industrial area.

CrossFit Catalyst was a pretty big space with a fun and unique setup. Zach and I both loved the broken in homey feel , but along with being greeted by the smiles and warmth of the coaches and athletes, we were also given the news of their ongoing relocation. The gym was in the process of moving all their equipment to their new space and so coincidently we happened upon a long mobility WOD. We happily obliged (it was definitely overdue).

The workout was the perfect fix after a long car ride with already sore muscles.  Sometimes mobility can get thrown to the wayside during the process of travel, as Zach will write about in his post tomorrow.

Wrapping up at Catalyst, we informed them of our plans to visit CrossFit Sudbury.  Jessica, our coach for the day, told us that they were good friends with the crew at Sudbury and to tell them we had just come from there.  We delivered this news to Adam, owner and head coach of CFS and he was pleased to hear we had chosen Catalyst while we were in ‘the Soo’.

CrossFit Sudbury was a cool box- again, tucked in and almost hidden from public view inside an industrial area.  We had one heck of a time trying to find the place, but once we did we were greeted with a smiling face and encouragement, not unlike the previous five boxes we’ve visited during this adventure.  Adam was great, and after we all exchanged pleasantries he left us to it.  ‘It’ ended up being the following:

-A sort-of benchmark WOD Zach and I have been doing every couple of weeks (5 RFT, 250m row and 4 strict handstand push-ups)

-Snatch strength work

-5 RFT, 5 ring dips 10 push press, 15 front squats

It was a good day with a fairly heavy workload, something we definitely needed after a few days of unconventional workouts.  The atmosphere at CrossFit Sudbury was very cool, although it was most likely way more laid-back than a normal WOD day because it was open gym.  We have to thank owner Adam Ball for letting us drop in and to the members who gave us great advice when it came to both traveling and CrossFit.

We now head south for the Greater Toronto area, something that Zach and I can’t wait to see.  While we are enjoying the lovely scenic drive on Ontario Route 400, T-Dot beckons!




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