7 Lessons Learned from 7 Days on the Road

We are seven days into a great road trip.  We’ve seen major cities and national parks and have met some interesting people, both in and out of CrossFit.  Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve learned so far.

# 7– Michigan is actually beautiful despite what Ohioans like myself are taught from infancy.  We had incredible experiences all over the state, from Sleeping Bear Dunes to the pleasant towns of Traverse City, Charlavoix and Petoskey.  Our stay with our friend Kelly was great too; it marked the last time for awhile that we’d see a familiar face so Lexi and I were appreciative of Kelly’s hospitality- and our new Pringles t-shirts.

#6- Canadians are extremely friendly– and that is not just a stereotype.  Everywhere we’ve been so far (Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Barrie), we’ve encountered locals who were more than willing to provide directions, advice and even cookies (thanks to the woman at CrossFit Catalyst).

#5- Don’t leave sandals on top of the minivan.  You won’t see them again.

#4- Eating clean on the road is easier than I expected it to be.  Well, at least with Lexi calling most of the shots regarding our nutrition.  If I were taking this trip by myself I might be dumpster diving by now.  Lexi is pretty talented when it comes to haggling with the vendors at the various farmers’ markets we’ve checked out, and she’s an absolute pro when it comes to grocery store navigation.  Here’s a quick example of how we are on two completely different levels on this one-

At a farmers’ market in Kalamazoo, I set off on my own to find a deal.  I spot Lexi and proudly march toward her with my chest out holding the gorgeous peaches that I purchased for $3.50.  Lexi informs me that she had just bought twice as many peaches as I had, plus raspberries, cucumbers, zucchinis and tomatoes, all for $2.  I’ve let her take the grocery shopping reigns ever since.

#3- Mobility is easy to ignore, at least if you’re me.  Yes, we got a ‘favorite’ from the Supple Leopard himself, Kelly Starrett, but overall I must confess to the fact that I’ve been very undisciplined about taking care of my body on this trip so far.  Getting caught up in chasing the next few mile markers has taken my focus away from doing basic mobility every time we stop the car.  Definitely something to improve upon in the weeks ahead.

#2- I’m not as good as I thought I was.  Now, I hold my own pretty well with my boys Michael and Cale when we throw down at MRCF.  I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses.  However, being exposed to high-level talent at every place we’ve been to so far is showing me that I still have years to go before I can consider myself an elite athlete; five out of the six boxes we’ve visited so far placed an athlete in the 2014 CrossFit Games or 2014 Regionals.  It is the ultimate source of motivation to know that what you want is just ahead of you, you just have to keep going after it.

#1- The CrossFit Community is real.  The support and encouragement that Lexi and I have received early on in this journey has been more than we ever expected.  I said in my first post that this trip was part-social experiment- I wanted to know how people would react to complete strangers coming into their environment to ask questions, take pictures and sweat all over their floor.  Just seven days in, I have a much better idea about that answer than when we started.




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