Uncommon Grounds

Hello from Vermont! After spending three wonderful days in Montreal, Zach and I have finally made our way back to the states. Our first stop-Burlington, Vermont. A definite change up from the hustle and bustle of the big cities we have been through, the town is very quaint and the people are unbelievably friendly. After enjoying just a little bit of Ben and Jerry’s (Ice cream for PR’s!) we made our way down the street to Uncommon Grounds. We ordered a small cup of the house blend, and after chatting a little with the barista she offered a wonderful deal for another small cup of the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. I told you the people here were friendly! The place had a wonderful selection, and unbeatable prices which is a wonderful selling point to anyone traveling on a budget but still looking for a caffeine fix!


Uncommon Grounds on Church Street- Burlington, VT




Cafe Olimpico

After our journey through Toronto, Zach and I made a pit stop through Niagara Falls because we just couldn’t help ourselves. After taking in the beautiful sights, I will sadly admit that I gave in to the famous white girl stereotype and enjoyed a delicious pumpkin spice late from none other than Starbucks. I cant help it, its fall people! We then made our way up to Montreal, which was a wonderful sight. The city was unbelievable and had so much character. The coffee definitely followed suit and Zach and I were very satisfied sharing a small cup from Cafe Olimpico. This place is a must if you’re traveling through the city! Definitely a well kept secret of the streets. We were lucky enough to have the shop recommended by some friendly locals we encountered while trying to read some french (apparently we looked just as dumb founded as we felt!).





Jimmy’s Coffee

Traveling through Sult Saint Marie, Sudburry, and Berrie, Zach and I made our next big stop of the trip in Toronto! For anyone who has ever visited the city, it is gigantic! Over 2.6 million residents live within the area, which adds up to a lot of morning coffee being brewed daily. We had the pleasure of stopping by Jimmy’s Coffee to enjoy a delicious house brew. It was a phenomenal little place with a fun atmosphere and of course, delicious coffee! It was great to sit down and get some work done on the blog and the coffee shop was the perfect setting for some peace and quiet as most sipped on their drinks and enjoyed the company of a friend or two. Toronto was a busy place so we didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying anymore coffee as we were very busy people too! We hit three CrossFit gyms while in the area, while also enjoying some wonderful park workouts. Our next stop on the trip brings us U.S bound!





Roast and Toast-Petoskey, Michigan

Roast and Toast is a cute little cafe that locals rave over. And for good reasons too! I have had the pleasure of visiting the coffee shop prior to this road trip, and the second time through definitely lived up to my first experience. I decided on a slightly different order this time around, and went with a chai tea latte. Great choice on my part. It was phenomenal! Zach even said he enjoyed it, until he realized the milk (weirdo hates the stuff). Beyond the coffee however, the shop is very involved with giving back to the community. Often times they provide percentages of all orders to be donated to various charities of choice, and always have burlap sacks for sale (just 5 dollars a piece) in which all proceeds are given to The Manna Food Bank. A phenomenal shop with great coffee, food, and  unbelievable people. I would recommend the Roast and Toast to any and all traveling through the area.




Brew-Traverse City, Michigan

Without a doubt, the most trendy coffeehouse we have visited yet! Brew is located in downtown Traverse City and is open from 7am to midnight every single night. What a relief to us since it was 9:00 on a wednesday night and Zach and I were desperately searching for coffee, couches, and connection (WiFi that is, but people too!). And to our delight we were greeted with with all three, well four actually, since I am definitely counting Ken, our new found friend we met at the bar with huge and inspiring fitness goals. Needless to say we hit it off pretty well. And yes, the bar. Because Brew not only provides the locals of Traverse with delicious coffee, but it is also home to the city’s largest selection of craft beer. Zach and I were ecstatic to find a place that was open late, and provided both of the liquids that we love to consume! I sipped on a Mexican Red Cafe pour over- a delicious medium roast. Zach attempted to finish a local stout beer brewed right in Traverse City. I say attempted because although it was high quality, and would have been immensely satisfying to the right palette, let’s just say stout beers don’t usually make his top five favorites. But I commend him for reaching outside the box-constantly varied!





Water Street Coffee Roaster- Kalamazoo, Michigan 

Today Zach and I woke up in Kalamazoo, Michigan! Of course, after breakfast and a run through Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, we needed our caffeine fix. We were informed of a great little place called Water Street and we stopped in around 10 this morning to enjoy some fresh brew. The specials of the day were the Kenya Nyeri and the Organic Java Taman. Zach and I splurged by each getting one cup of the two unique roasts to share. Both turned out to be wonderful! The Java had a very earthy taste to it, and Zach insisted that it smelled like green beans. The Kenya was a light roast that had just enough kick to satisfy the taste buds. Needless to say we were both happy with our choices. The shop itself was a delight as well. From the cozy outside seating, to the vintage decorated interior. We would be more than happy to visit the shop for another delicious cup of coffee one day if we ever find ourselves hanging out in Kalamazoo again!

2014-08-26 18.27.072014-08-26 18.26.02photo-5





HENRY’s COFFEE BISTRO- Indianapolis, Indiana

Henry’s Coffee Bistro is located off of Mass Avenue, one of Indianapolis’s cultural districts. The local coffee shop provides a small oasis for the locals grinding through their day to days, or travelers just taking in the artsy scenery. Either way, the coffee speaks for itself! The house brew alone could keep Henry’s in business; after sharing just one large mug of it (one of the pitfalls of life on a budget), Zach and I were beyond satisfied. Overall, we would be more than happy to stop by Henry’s Coffee Bistro for round two if our travel endeavors ever  bring us Indianapolis bound again.

2014-08-24 14.05.16      2014-08-24 14.06.25






SWEET AROMAS- Bellefontaine, Ohio

As I previously stated, Sweet Aromas is a local coffee shop in Bellefontiane, Ohio. Open Monday through Saturday, the shop is owned by Beth and Will Zell, a couple who wanted to create a friendly environment for friends and family to visit and sip on some of that delicious brown liquid that the human race has come to know and love. The shop is nestled back on what is known to be the first concrete street in America, Court Street. From personal experience, the house brew there is delicious, but the jamaican Me Crazy is one for the record books. Ive also had the pleasure of tasting their chai tea latte and their seasonal pumpkin spice, both I would highly recommend for those of you searching for a little more sugar in your lives. The coffee shop also provides tasty little treats such as their banana bars, cupcakes, and muffins (totally paleo, right??). And to top it off, they now offer Jeni’s Ice Cream by the pint! Overall, the people there are friendly and welcoming and have definitely succeeded in creating a warm and cheerful environment for all who stop by to sit, enjoy, and be happy.





We have arrived in beautiful Indianapolis! Zach and I just dropped in to hit a “Sunday Funday” WOD at CrossFit Naptown. Later we will make sure to post about how awesome of a facility they have there, but for now our main focus has switched over to what some might consider the holy grail of all liquids. Coffee. As a side note to our road trip and CrossFitting adventures, we also wanted to keep you all updated on the local coffee shops and baristas (because who doesn’t love a good cup O’ Joe!).

We made the decision to make this a part of our blog while our trip was still in the early stages of planning because we realized we were doing a majority of our planning at a coffee shop. Sweet Aromas is a local shop in small town Bellefontaine, Ohio. The owners there gladly opened their arms and coffee pots to us. After spending countless hours lounging on the couches and consuming abnormal amounts of caffeine, we decided to pay tribute to the people putting in the hard work to provide us with our favorite warm beverages.

The focus of this part of the blog is to give our readers a resource, and to give the local shops a shout out for their hard work and dedicated service. And of course, our first featured coffee shop is Sweet Aromas.


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